Choosing Tools For Making Delicious Coffee

For those of you who want to try ways to brew coffee like a cafe, it’s good to learn tools that can be used for various types of presentation. Apart from that, it’s also recommended for you to see the excellent place to buy coffee beans.

Here are some types of coffee makers that you must know:

1. Espresso Machine or Presso Skirt

how to make delicious coffee ala cafe – coffee machine

This machine can make a variety of drinks, such as cappuccino, machiatto, americano, latte, and many more. A sophisticated espresso machine usually has a feature that determines the size of the dish, steamer, and frother. The price of this machine is quite expensive, so you should first think about when you want to buy this machine.

Alternatively, you can use a manual espresso or presso skirt. This tool is not as practical as a coffee machine but can produce espresso as good as it is. We do not recommend using other methods to make espresso such as Aeropress or french press because it is not optimal.

2. Coffee Grinder

how to brew delicious coffee in the style of a cafe – coffee grinder

Choosing quality coffee beans is the key to perfect coffee. Coffee powder should be used up at the latest after two months of grinding. It is better to store coffee beans and grind them before making coffee because the seeds are more durable than coffee powder.

There are two types of coffee bean grinders, automatic and manual. There is no difference except for the operation and convenience. The most important thing is the result of a mill that is in accordance with the method of serving the coffee to be made.

Coffee Grinder is a very good investment in making coffee. To make good coffee, you must have this tool.

3. French Press

how to brew coffee – french press

French press is a tool that is quite easy to find and use, shaped like a teapot but a cylinder with a plunger and filter that can be pressed. If you like black coffee, this is a tool that you must have.

French press is perfect for coffee that has an earthy character and a bold body.

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