Don’t Get Wrong About Soil Fertility

In general, what is meant by soil fertility is the condition or condition and ability of the soil to support plant growth which is usually assisted by a hydromulching process with various components inside such as biology, chemistry, and physics. Many suspects that soil fertility is the same as soil health, in reality, it is not always the case, because soil health is different from the scope of its discussion. Soil health is more interpreted as a condition or condition of land that supports and ensures plants can grow and develop optimal without any interference from various aspects. Good soil must have a balanced acidity level, it is necessary to know the normal pH of the soil is in the range of 6 to 8 or in the best condition has PH 6.5 to 7.5. Soils with a neutral PH level allow for the availability of a balanced range of soil chemical elements.

That is why the soil conditions that are too acidic need to be carried out by a calcification process whose purpose is to restore the soil PH to neutral conditions. Likewise, when the soil is too alkaline (> PH 8) it is necessary to give Sulfur or sulfur contained in ZA fertilizer (Ammonium Sulphate). With a neutral PH, plants will more easily absorb nutrient ions and maintain the development of soil microorganisms. Land that has a PH degree that is too acidic or too alkaline is also not good for plants. For example, if the pH of a soil is below 6 or above 8, the plant growth that grows above it will not be balanced because often the soil experiences Al elemental poisoning if the soil is too acidic and will have high Ca and Molybdenum levels if it is too alkaline.

Because the soil pH is not neutral so that the chemical structure of the soil is also not balanced as an example when the Al element is too high it will poison the plant if the plants can be poisoned so also with soil microorganisms will also not feel comfortable living in such conditions. Fertile soil will have a clay structure that functions to bind various minerals so that it is not easily washed away by water.

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