Preventing the toilet and phone problems at the cinema

Before entering the studio, you should finish your business in the toilet first, so that you don’t disturb other viewers. Every fifteen minutes there are people who stand and walk in front of you. Already stepping on your feet because it’s dark, pushing your body, covering your scenery too. Will your viewing experience be disturbed like this? In the meantime, perhaps you need to visit RoxyPricesMovies if you want to know the complete price list of cinemas near your area.

It is better before entering the studio to urinate first. If you need to visit the toilet quite often, then select the seat at the end of the row with the easy way out. This also applies to those who like to enter the cinema late. Please be on time so as not to interfere with other viewing experiences!

Besides that, even though it’s the silent mode, there’s no need to play a smartphone in the cinema. The light from the LCD glared and disturbed the audience around you!

Imagine feeling like you are staring at the big screen, then suddenly you glare from the side or from the front. Really, bro? It’s like wanting to sleep but our face is forcibly illuminated by a flashlight. It’s also difficult to focus on the light of the projector in front of it.

The main thing is, it really is damaging the mood. Try to just turn off the phone if you always reflexively check it every time there is a notification.

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