Strawberry And Jicama Are Great Ingredients For Facial Care

Ellagic is in strawberries which are good for dealing with black spots on the face and can brighten your face naturally. Aside from that, if you only want to get the best facial care from professionals, just visit the ไฮฟู คลินิก.

How to treat white face naturally using strawberries is as follows:

– Blend the strawberry until soft.

– Mix with milk until thickened.

– Use as a face mask.

In addition, there are lots of beauty products that contain jicama as bleach. This is because jicama is rich in vitamins B and C which play an important role in whitening the face and keeping the face clean and glowing.

It’s easy:

– Grate jicama until soft, then squeeze.

– Use the juice as a natural face mask.

– Let stand for 20 minutes then rinse with clean water.

– Perform this treatment regularly.

In addition to knowing what natural ingredients can be used as a way to treat the face so white, the next way is to take good and correct treatment steps.

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